At no other point in history have we been able to reach our audience in so many ways. From traditional media advertising to email to social media, there are many channels available for businesses and organizations to get their message out. In light of all the technical innovations available to us, why should we still care about direct mail? Here are some things to think about.

There is less competition in direct mail: TV, Radio, and the Internet are packed with advertisements. If you’re like me, you’ve gotten very good at blocking most of those out. Email can be a more focused channel, but sometimes I can’t delete those emails quick enough – even though I’ve purposely signed-up to receive them! Then I think about my mailbox at home. There really aren’t as many ads clamoring for my attention. I’m much more likely to give them a look and consider the offer.

Longer life: Ads on channels like TV, Radio, and the Internet come and go instantly. Newspapers replace their ads daily. However, people are more likely to keep direct mail pieces in which they are interested.

Timed delivery: With direct mail, you get to choose when your message appears. Ads on the Radio or TV are dropped in where they fit the schedule unless you decide to pay a premium for a specific time slot. You’ll know exactly when your direct mail piece will hit mailboxes.

Clearly define your audience: You don’t have to waste time and money blindly sending your direct mail piece to every home or business in your area. Blink Print and Mail can work with you to clearly define your potential audience based on multiple demographics. This will help make your direct mail piece have the highest return on investment.

Customize your piece with VDP (Variable Data Print): Variable data print allows you to customize your direct mail piece in a way that lends itself to complete engagement with its recipient. Text, images, colors, and information can be customized on an individual-piece level to make your message and offer completely unique for the person receiving your piece. Other forms of media cannot offer this powerful advantage.

More Saturation: People are different. Not everyone reads the newspaper, listens to the radio, watches TV, or browses the internet. However, everyone gets mail. Every day. Direct mail is truly the only method to reach every household on a consistent basis.

Make the most of your marketing spend and invest in a direct mail campaign. Let Blink Print and Mail help you create the perfect piece that will reach the right people.


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